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  • If you are in Parma, Italy this Palazzo is a great place to visit. The theater is made of wood and awesome.
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    Palazzo Della Pilotta, Parma

    An Amazing Building – Palazzo Della Pilotta Within the beautiful Palazzo Della Pilotta in Parma, Italy you will actually find four museums. They are The National Gallery, Palatine Library, Museum Bodoni, Archaeological…

  • San Gimiganano
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    37 Charming Small Towns in Tuscany

    Tuscany I would like to share this article on Tuscany from Italia Living that was written by Kinzica Sorrentino in March 2015. Great information to save and check off as each destination is…

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    10 Things To See And Do In Parma

    Parma!   You might be asking yourself, where is Parma located? This map will show you where you can find this hidden gem in Italy   This post contains affiliate links that…