Palazzo Della Pilotta
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Palazzo Della Pilotta, Parma

An Amazing Building – Palazzo Della Pilotta

Within Palazzo Della Pilotta you will find four museums. The National Gallery, Palatine Library, Museum Bodoni, Archaeological Museum, and the Teatro Farnese.


Teatro Farnese

On the first floor of the Pilotta is the entrance to the Teatro Farnese (Farnese Theatre). It occupies a large room that was originally intended as an armory. This wooden masterpiece was later transformed into a theater between 1617 and 1618 by architect Giovan Battista Aleotti.  This room is massive, made solely of wood, and is simply stunning!


Front stage area


The back

The back of the theater


along the sides

Along the sides of the theater


behind the stairs; underneath. Amazing structure

Behind the stairs; underneath. Amazing structure!!


Museo Archeologico

This museum was founded in 1760 by Don Philip, Duke of Parma. It was extended in later years to contain materials and artifacts found in the Parma area. 


National Gallery

The art collections currently include works by Alessandro Araldi, Correggia, Parmigianino, Lanfranco, Canaletto, and Da Vinci. Here are some of the highlights of the art we were able to see in the Gallery:





In conclusion, the price of admission covers all of these museums and is really a good deal for the money. If you get to visit yourself, let us know what you think of the Palazzo Della Pilotta!


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