Making fresh pasta with family is a special day.

Making Pasta – Fresh!

During a quiet Sunday, Gary and I decided to teach our two grandchildren the art of making pasta. We have a total of nine grandchildren, but these two are lucky (giggling) that we are staying with them while not in Italy. We thought it would be a fun time for them but it turned out to be an awesome day for us too. It’s quite easy to do and I am puzzled why more people don’t take the time to make it. I guess the box is easier in the long run and don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with a box of pasta!

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My pasta recipe link is included in this post!

When we are in Arizona, we are very fortunate to be able to stay with Gary’s daughter, Melanie, and her family. Melanie is not a “stepdaughter” to me – she is very special and we share a bond on a higher level than that term implies. We have for years. She also graciously accepted the position of photographer for this post.

The Process Begins

The folding in the beginning and running it through the machine kneads the dough a little bit more and gets it to the proper width to go easily through the machine.

We had Avery and Noah switch jobs during the event. This way they each got a turn in each part of the process.

pasta day with grandchildren, fresh pasta recipe included -

Making Pasta – Sheets to Fettuccini

Once we finished sheeting the three pounds of pasta, it was time to attach the cutter. We decided to make the wider of the two choices – fettuccini. I think they both liked this part the best! When we are in Italy, I love purchasing and collecting these kitchen tea towels. They are the best for laying out pasta and bread making.

pasta day with grandchildren. Fresh pasta recipe included -

The Final Result

Once the pasta is cut and the strands dried a bit, I usually bundle them in smaller groups so it’s easier to drop them into the boiling water. Fresh pasta only takes a few minutes to cook!

Fresh pasta recipe -

An awesome day with just a little flour on us!

We all had a great day together and made memories!

Fresh Pasta Recipe
Making fresh pasta with family is a special day.


  1. It looks like it was so much fun to make pasta with your grand kids. I taught my grand daughter how to make her great great grandmother Rinella’s Italian meatballs. Now we just need someone to make the sauce and we’ll have a real home made dinner!

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