The beautiful Piazza dell' Anfiteatro in Lucca - Tuscany -

Welcome to our “Interviews page with Ilene and Gary” where you can find more information about Our Italian Journey and us – Ilene and Gary Modica.

We have been very fortunate over the years to have a few special people recognize us – and our journey. We enjoy sharing this information and hope you enjoy the videos, podcasts, and some posts about us.

Interviews with Ilene & Gary

March 2024:  Podcast Interview with Adventure Freaksss

Ré was interested in our story and, in the usual fashion – we are happy to share our journey. We also enjoy sharing information and answering the questions so many people have about relocating to another country and retiring overseas.

October 2023:  Podcast Interview with Affordable Italy: Living la Dolce Vita on a Bootstring

We had an awesome time with Nancy in our latest podcast interview. It’s amazing how each podcast is so different. We enjoyed answering questions and providing information we hope is valuable to our listeners.

April 2023:  Podcast Interview with Retire There

We’ve been honored once again – this time by an amazing couple, Gil & Gene from Retire There. What a great experience chatting with them and we truly want to thank them for their interest in our story and the opportunity to share it with others.

January 2023:  Podcast Interview with Life in Lucca with Andrea

What a fun time sitting in our kitchen talking candidly with Andrea. Her love for Lucca matches ours and it was a pleasure to be her first guest for her Season 2! Thank you Andrea for an amazing chat!

What a great process and interview with Paul and Laine from Trending Who What Where and When. What a compliment when they found us and asked us to share our story of the book and blog. Thank you both!

April 2021:  Second Interview with Mi.0 – this one with Dawn!

We were quite honored when Dawn requested to do an interview for our favorite group. They just started the concept of doing author interviews and she requested we be the first one. Dawn is amazing and an author herself! It was fun and we can’t thank you enough Dawn!

March 2021:  Bob Sorrentino from Italian Genealogy

Through this link, you can choose to see the video or, just listen to the podcast. Thank you Bob for a wonderful interview.

May 2019: Mi.o – Modern Italian Network Interview

We were thrilled when Gina and Matteo from Mi.o wanted to interview us when we were in Florence in May 2019. We truly love this group of people and were more than happy to participate. We appreciate them asking us to share our story.

April 2019:  Instantly Italy

Cinzia from Instantly Italy saw us on Facebook and wanted to get to know us better and write about our story. We were happy to answer her questions and enjoyed the interview process with her.

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