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Ilene & Gary Modica,
Our Italian Journey the book,

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Reviews on Our Italian Journey blog -

We are excited about this new journey of ours. Never in a million years did we think we would become authors. Telling a story about our most wonderful year spent in Italy. Of course, 2019 will always be special to us, but we know through our travels we will have more amazing stories to share on the blog.

Grazie mille – thank you!

Ilene & Gary Modica,
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Our Italian Journey is a beautifully written memoir, full of realistic, charming and delightful people.
Every page made me feel I was there with Ilene and Gary, enjoying each Italian village not only getting to know the locals but struggling with the language as well. If only I could taste the food too! The descriptions of each town is great. I’ll definitely reference that when planning our next trip.

Susan Lauciello

I’ve been following Ilene and Gary’s blog, Our Italian Journey, since the beginning of their adventure, and I was delighted to see they’d written a book about their travels!  This book is a love letter to Italy, and the three-year culmination of their life-long dream to become Italian citizens!  Their story is also a tribute to the desire many Americans have — to return to the land of their ancestors — and a chance to imagine life in small villages with cobblestone streets and flower boxes attached to ancient walls.  From loving descriptions of the exquisite food to stories of all the lovely people they meet through this year-long adventure, you’ll find a treasure on every page.  I highly recommend this book!

Maureen Hannon

Since I may never have the opportunity to live in Italy through every season, living vicariously through their year there is a gift to me. I felt like I was on a trip to Italy every time I picked it up. And it is a book I can return to again and again if I want a quick reminder of what it is like to be in Italy. Also, they are inspiring me to make the most of my next opportunity to travel to Italy when we are able to once again. Ilene and Gary were brave enough to live their dream and share it with us. Through reading their book I was glad to be a part of this adventure!

Diane Selkregg

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