Color photos for Our Italian Journey the book -

Here are color photos that we included in the book in the order of their appearance. You will find most of them scattered in blog posts on this blog, but we wanted to create this page for easy access to enjoy the beauty and true color we captured. We would have loved to include color photos in the book, Our Italian Journey, but the cost was over our budget. Perhaps the next book?

Marsala, Sicily, 4.25 towns, salt flats,
Marsala, page 38
Selinunte, ancient ruins, Sicily 4.5 towns,
Selinute, page 41
Rural road on the way to Corleone, Italy,
Sheep, page 45
Gary getting his papers
Licodia Eubea, page 50
Conversano, Italy,
Conversano, page 61
Polignano a Mare is a beautiful town with turquoise waters and amazing cliffs and caves. Located in Puglia, Italy,
Polignano, page 68
Door photos of Trulli in Alberobello, Puglia, Italy are a sight to behold. UNESCO, unique.
Alberobello, page 72
Florence, Italy,
Florence, page 89
The Blue Grotto experience when on Capri in Italy, magical, beautiful, must do,,
Capri, page 115
Naples, Italy,
Naples, page 123
Salerno street photo, Campania, Italy travel tips.
Salerno, page 128
Spello is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The flower balconies and streets are a photographers dream. Corpus Domini,
Spello, page 152
Months 7&8, our one year adventure through Italy. Highlights from months 7 & 8,,
Assisi, page 161
Spotlight: Our love of Arezzo and return in 2020. Arezzo is in Tuscany, Italy.
Arezzo, page 180
Months 9 & 10 for our 1-year adventure in Italy. New towns explored., Arezzo, Giostra del Saracino
Giostra, Arezzo, page 186
Innsbruck, Austria is beautiful. A must see on a stop to the Alps and in the Tyrol area.
Innsbruck, page 208
Final edition of our one-year adventure in Italy. Months 11 & 12
Lake Como, page 215
Verona arena,
Verona, page 223
Lucca, Italy
Lucca, page 229
Ilene & Gary Modica,

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