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Cittadella Park | Historical Park in Parma

Cittadella Park, Parma, Italy -

The Cittadella Park Cittadella Park was originally built for defensive purposes and was then transformed into a prison and a place of torture. Today, this beautiful area located in Parma, Italy is a public park with spaces for children to play with rides. It also includes a fountain and sports fields, and even a “dog only” area inside this beautiful place.  We came across this park, called The Cittadella. It is enclosed by a beautiful […]…

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A great day spent in Panzano, Italy at Dario Cecchini's -
In Central Italy/ Food/ Italy

Dario: The Man, The Legend, My Hero

May 5, 2022

Dario Cecchini                                                                     In 2019 Ilene and I were introduced to a few cooking shows by our daughter Ally and her significant other Brett. There was a bigger-than-life character in…

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