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Best Advice: Adapters & Electrical Converters for Italy

Adapters & Converters to use in Italy,

A little story about electrical converters. Here I am one day clipping my hair with the electric barber-style clippers, and I smell something burning. My hair clippers are smoking like crazy and getting hotter in my hand. I immediately dropped them in the empty sink and unplugged them from the bathroom outlet. I’ve used these clippers in the past here in Italy and couldn’t figure out what was different this time. I waited an hour […]…

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A great day spent in Panzano, Italy at Dario Cecchini's -
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Dario: The Man, The Legend, My Hero

May 5, 2022

Dario Cecchini                                                                     In 2019 Ilene and I were introduced to a few cooking shows by our daughter Ally and her significant other Brett. There was a bigger-than-life character in…

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