Explore Southern Regions & Sicily

Explore and discover Southern Regions and Sicily in Italy

Southern Italy consists of six regions in the lower part of the Italian “boot.” Way down here, you will find the ruins are much older, the lunches are much longer, the landscapes by the deep blue sea so captivating. Less English is spoken here. They are Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia, and Sicily.

Matera, Italy at night, UNESCO, ouritalianjourney.com , S. Pietro Caveoso



The Blue Grotto experience when on Capri in Italy, magical, beautiful, must do, ouritalianjourney.com, https://ouritalianjourney.com/experiencing-the-blue-grotto-is-it-worth-it


Amalfi Coast|Capri|Naples Salerno|Scafati|Sorrento

Polignano a Mare is a beautiful town with turquoise waters and amazing cliffs and caves. Located in Puglia, Italy, ouritalianjourney.com


Lecce|Martina Franca Monopoli|Polignano

Licodia Eubea and citizenship, Sicily; ouritalianjourney.com


Licodia Eubea|Marsala Sciacca|Selinute