Our Italian Journey Now an Exciting Memoir!

Our Italian Journey: Can you imagine living in Italy for one full year?

This was always the dream. It was a promise we made to each another.

Our Italian Journey - the book - ouritalianjourney.com

After a rollercoaster ride of three years to obtain Italian citizenship, we achieved our goal. In 2019, we packed our bags, leaving family and friends behind to live this dream in Italy.

This book is our travel memoir and personal adventure, which has changed our lives forever. In Our Italian Journey, you will discover and share our desire for a genuine experience with an Italian family and how this dream came true while staying in the little town of Scafati. A memory we will always cherish. We know you will enjoy our stories and witty insights about new Italian friendships, reconnecting with old friends, meeting up with subscribers to this blog, and the countless experiences through the various towns we stayed and explored.

In our book, we provide an entertaining look at life in Italy. A journey with a bit of history thrown in (not too much,) traditions, and culture – written from our hearts. You might learn a few new Italian words and phrases but this is not a language learning book – not by any means.

Experience and appreciate Italy’s charm and appeal while joining us in the laughter. We divulge some of the trials and tribulations we encountered along the way and share some memories of past visits. Through this journey, we eat and drink our year through Italy visiting 8 regions and 46 cities; including Sicilia and—Licodia Eubea, our new Italian birthplace. We share the amazing experience of obtaining our Italian birth and marriage certificates during our adventure in Sicily.

Writing Our Italian Journey Together

This is our debut, writing a book together as our journey unfolded in 2019. We hope you enjoy both our perspectives by our writing alternating chapters. This endeavor is a bit outside our comfort zone and a completely new venture for us. We invite you to take a glimpse of Italy through our eyes as new Italian citizens.

Our Italian Journey would make a great “Italy Read” prior to an upcoming visit to Italy or for someone who just enjoys the Italian culture and would like to experience it firsthand with us.

Our Italian Journey, a memoir written during a year in Italy experiencing the seducing charm of the country, twists and turns, and humorous moments along the way. This experience changed our lives forever. Join us and let us be your guide to some of the most beautiful places in Italy.

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Ilene & Gary Modica, ouritalianjourney.com

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