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Along the way, through a blogger’s life, you get to meet some wonderful people. Some of these people you never get to meet in person and some you do. We would like to recognize these people on this page; authors and bloggers we really like. We hope you take the time to check out their books and websites! Always check back and I’m sure we will be adding to this page.



  • One of Gary and my favorite authors are a couple, co-authors Nancy and John Petralia. We have not physically met them but have Zoomed and read both of their books Not in a Tuscan Villa and Looking for Garibaldi which we highly recommend. In fact, their first book inspired us to spend 90-days in Parma, Italy while we were waiting for our Italian dual citizenship. Love their writing style and are truly a special couple and ones we can call “friends.” Website: Not in a Tuscan Villa  Facebook page: Nancy & John Petralia
  • Michelle Damiani has several books about Italy and her one book, Il Bel Centro: A Year in the Beautiful Center actually takes place in one of our favorite towns in Italy–Spello. Reading this particular book, I find myself walking along the streets I know well with her. I love her stories about her children and in her words, ” transformative experience, changing us in ways small and profound.” Her website:  Michelle Damiani
  • Another author who has written about various cities in Italy that I enjoy is Marlena de Blasi. I own a few of her books but have only read The Lady in the Palazzo. I just need to find some time to read the others!
  • My next favorite author would have to be Catherine Carabine and both Gary and I have read both books, Back to Tuscany and the Barn and A Chestnut Barn in Tuscany. We really enjoyed both of these tremendously. Her Facebook page: Catherine Carabine



  • Cinzia from Instantly Italy lives in Italy and loves all things Italian. She is fun and helpful and actually interviewed us even though we are not yet considered “Expats.” She loved our story and we enjoyed working with her. Instantly Italy
  • Kathryn Occhipinti is a wonderful friend on Facebook. She also is the author of a fantastic little travel book about just the important phrases for Italian. You can find the link to her book on our Favorite Travel Tools Box on the main page – right in the center of the blog. She sent one to me and I absolutely love it! A great website to also check out Stella Lucente
  • A great Facebook friend and lover of Italy is Marilyn Ricci from Take Me Home Italy. A travel website offering, in her words, “…An adventure of the soul, for each of our travelers” and, have heard amazing things about her excursions. She has a beautiful website and will help you visit Italy! Take Me Home Italy
  • A very unique blogger, Karen Helms actually writes for her best friend, Barley–a chocolate lab. I love following her on Facebook and reading about their adventures. It’s refreshing to get a whole new perspective from Barley! A blog about people enjoying travel and dogs! Barley’s Grand Adventures
  • Mi.o (modern Italian network) is a fantastic site for information on Italy. Matteo and Gina are amazing administrators and to be honest, this is the best group I have found and I love participating here. On this site, you can ask questions, find out cultural information, recipes, learn Italian. A great platform gathering people who all have one thing in common – the love of all things Italian! Here’s our personal invitation – it’s free Join Mi.o

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