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Museum Enzo Ferrari, Modena

ourstide the Ferrari museum, Modena

Museum Enzo Ferrari

While visiting Modena on a day trip from Parma stopped and visited the Museum Enzo Ferrari. It is DSCN3814located within walking distance from the train station. There is another Ferrari museum (more modern day) but that is about 20-minutes by car outside of the city center.

The garage, (pictured below) which the call the “magical area” was what we visited first. This garage belonged to Alfredo Ferrari, Enzo’s father. The large windows in the garage helped with light as there was no electricity in the second half of the 19th century.


You then go into the main building.


There they have cars displayed with plaques telling you about the car and what movie it was in, if that be the case. There is a wall that indicates all the Hollywood stars that have owned a Ferrari’s. The museum is very well done with pictures, documents, and paraphernalia collected and displayed in cases around the perimeter inside the museum.



Then we found out why the walls are white. At certain times in the day, they play a short video, projected on the walls (see below) that really is amazing about Enzo’s life and how the Ferrari name came to be.




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