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Museum Enzo Ferrari, Modena

Museum Enzo Ferrari, Modena, Italy - ouritalianjourney.com

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Museum Enzo Ferrari

While visiting Modena on a day trip from Parma, we stopped and visited the Museum Enzo Ferrari. It is located a short walking distance from the train station. In addition to this museum, there is another Ferrari museum (more modern-day) but that is about 20-minutes by car outside of the city center. You’ll find this other museum in Maranello, the Museo Ferrari Maranello. Here you will see classic and current Ferraris through the years. A bonus… we heard that you can drive a Ferrari at this location on a track. We never got to see the other museum.

The Town

Modena is a city in the region of Emilia-Romagna and is known for its balsamic vinegar and opera heritage. Most noteworthy, associated also with this town are the beautiful iconic sports cars: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Maserati. Modena lies in between the cities of Bologna (south) and Parma, to the north, each about an hour away. Osteria Francescana, a Michelin 3-star restaurant, and one of the best restaurants in the world are located in Modena. You won’t find an open table for dinner tonight. Reservations are made months, and up to a year in advance.

The Garage

The garage, (pictured below) which they call the “magical area” was what we stopped and visited first. This garage belonged to Alfredo Ferrari, Enzo’s father. The large windows in the garage brought in beautiful light for photos.

The Museum

From the garage, you then can enter the main building. The museum is not only beautiful from the outside, but the inside is also quite spectacular too. Its futuristic look has some of the most iconic Ferrari models inside. The Enzo Ferrari Museum has exhibits on the life and work of the car designer in his childhood home.

The filmstrip wall is an artistic way to show Hollywood stars and their Ferrari’s. While photographs, documents, and paraphernalia are cleverly displayed in cases around the perimeter

Also, at various times throughout the day, they present a short movie about Enzo’s life. Don’t worry about finding a seat, there are none. The images are projected around the room. and wherever you are standing – it’s a perfect location.

In conclusion, this is a great stop even if you are not an avid car lover. You will appreciate the museum and the collection. The movie about Enzo’s life is quite educational and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Museum Enzo Ferrari, Modena, Italy - ouritalianjourney.com

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