Italian Cuisine Quiz, test your knowledge with us,

Italian Cuisine Quiz…

Let’s try your knowledge with an Italian cuisine quiz. So… you think you know Italian cuisine pretty well? 

Italian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world. There are endless famous dishes and desserts to choose from. Want to make it fun and take a quiz?

This is our second quiz on the blog to provide information while making it fun. Sometimes we think we know more about a subject – especially food – than we do. Let’s see if this quiz surprises you and tests your knowledge.

Answer the fifteen questions below to get your score. Consider sharing and challenging your friends and family to beat your score! As always – leave a comment and let us know what you think and how you did on the Italian Cuisine Quiz.

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Good luck! In bocca al lupo!

Italian Cuisine Quiz

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How well did you do with the Italian cuisine quiz?

Please share in a comment!
Italian Cuisine Quiz, test your knowledge with us,


  1. I got a disappointing 9 out of 15. Being half Italian, I should have done better, especially after two weeks in Italy last year and a month this year. I need to spend more time in Italy, which we are planning to do. BTW, my grandmother (who was born and raised near Potenza) used to make pasta with meatballs.

  2. I like Dennis am half Italian. Only 8 correct answers. Grandparents were from Genoa and I’m blonde. LOL. I must work harder to convince of others of my heritage! Perhaps an extended vacation will be in my future travels!!
    Love the quizzes, new to your blog..looking forward to following along 😊

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