How Well Do You Know Italy Quiz -

Italy quiz!

So… you think you know Italy pretty well? Want to make it fun and take a quiz? We thought we would introduce some quizzes every once in a while to provide information while making it fun. Sometimes we think we know more about a country than we really do. Let’s see if this quiz surprises you.

Our first Do You Know Italy Quiz is pretty general – about basic information, you probably already know but let’s test your knowledge.

Answer the fifteen questions below to get your score. Consider sharing and challenging your friends and family to beat your score! 

Good luck! In bocca al lupo!

How Well Do You Know Italy?

Hope you had fun with our first Do You Know Italy quiz!

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Ilene from Our Italian Journey,
How Well Do You Know Italy Quiz -


  1. Fun quiz! Thought I would “ace” it, but 13 out of 15 isn’t bad! Great learning tool, grazie!

  2. Quiz was so fun. Love to get a copy of Italy map with food categories. Any advice where? Grazie Mille

    1. Thanks Sandra for the comment. We will be doing quizzes from time to time. Working on another now, in fact. I have had that graphic for years so I’m not sure- so sorry!

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