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Cittadella Park, Parma

Cittadella Park in Parma, Italy; ouritalianjourney.com

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The Cittadella Park

We walked to the Cittadella Park that made my Fitbit very happy. It was a day of about 10 miles just touring Parma.

We came across this park, called The Cittadella. It is enclosed by a beautiful stone wall. The symbol and the name of the district where the park is located come from the pentagonal shaped military fortification by Alessandro Farnese, Third Duke of Parma, at the end of the 16th century.


This park is now a place for strolling, bicycling, and it has playgrounds, sports fields, and an area for dogs.

Structures of the ancient Cittadella can be noticed in the pentagonal shape and the main entrance in marble with an ashlar base, with a huge badge of Farnese on top (see below).


Love catching Gary in a picture!

Love catching Gary in a picture!

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