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Rimini, Italy

Rimini a beautiful beach in Italy - ouritalianjourney.com

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The Beach Town of Rimini

Rimini beach is a small coastal town with all the “beach” themes going on in all the restaurants. The seafood was amazing and so was the beautiful beach.


What was a bit unusual is while we were resting on beach chairs, helicopters sometimes four at a time, would be patrolling the coastline? We assumed at this time in world standing, it is to watch for refugees that would come to shore in Italy by boat. But that is just our assumption. They would fly by about every 15-20 minutes and if you wanted to sleep, it might have kept you awake.

Rimini is a great jumping point to get to San Marino. The bus takes you there in about an hour and only cost 10€ round trip; which is well worth it.


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