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  • our italian journey
    General Info, Travel

    Our Second 90-Day Adventure Update

    Second 90-Day Adventure We have changed our plans and are not staying in Bari on the Adriatic Sea for our first 45-days of this second 90-day adventure trip. When you are traveling,…

  • flight layover
    General Info

    Phoenix – NY Layover

    Flight Layover We left Phoenix, Arizona on July 31st (technically the plane was late so it left August 1st) and headed to New York for our layover stop on our way to…

  • Dreaming Parma
    Places to Visit, Travel

    Dreaming – Parma

    Dreams Dreaming about Parma……It is now the beginning of February and the organizer in me wants to start to plan the beginning of our journey. Alright, so we haven’t gotten to Italy…

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