Beautiful Lake Como and the towns that surround the lake.

Lake Como

Our first visit to Lake Como was in October 2019 when we met our friends from New York there. My best friend Sue and her husband along with their son were heading to Italy for vacation. We decided that we were so close by in Verona – why not spend a few days with them? After all, Gary and I had never seen this beautiful area of Italy.

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Getting to Lake Como

Since we were staying in Verona, we took a train to Milan. From there, it was a regional train from Milan to Lake Como. After disembarking from the train station in Como, we took a bus to the town we were staying in, Lezzeno. The entire trip took us about 2.5 hours.

Dinner with friends in Lezzeno on Lake Como. Beautiful lake.
photo from Sue & Steve’s balcony


Lezzeno on Lake Como

Lezzeno is is a comune in the Province of Como in the Italian region Lombardy. It is on the western shore of the Como-side of Lake Como, just a few kilometers from the famous town, of Bellagio. You can see exactly where this area of Lake Como is located Lezzeno. The village of Lezzeno has fantastic lake views and overlooks Lake Como’s only island Isola Comacina and the home to the stunning 18th-century Villa Balbianello.

Enjoying Time with Friends

Our friends thought it would be a perfect “home base” to visit the area and it truly was indeed. It turned out that the apartment they rented was just up the hill from the B&B we stayed in on the lake. They joined us down at our B&B for dinner the first night. It was magical – the amazing company and the beautiful setting.

Dinner with friends in Lezzeno on Lake Como. Beautiful lake.


Visiting Menaggio and Varenna

We got to visit two other towns from Bellagio by taking the ferry. They were Menaggio and Varenna. Both beautiful and worth the time to walk around and explore. Menaggio is known for the beautiful promenade around the lake. We took some time and strolled through the streets, investigated a few stores, and of course – had lunch. We actually took a day trip up to Lugano, Switzerland by taking a bus from Menaggio.

Views of Lake Como, Italy from walkway on Mennaggio.
Ferry that takes you around Lake Como. Beautiful lake.


Varenna was very picturesque and also had a lovely walkway around the town. We investigated some small back streets and could see some beautifully manicured gardens through several wrought iron gates.

Views from Verenna on Lake Como, Italy Beautiful lake.
Walkway around Verenna on Lake Como, Italy. Beautiful lake.

Looking for things to do when in Lake Como? We found a great website here for more information. Here is another great site for information about the various towns around the lake. Travel Info.

Views of Lake Como
Views of Lake Como


Sunset in Lezzeno on Lake Como, Italy. Beautiful lake.
Lake Como in northern Italy is breathtaking.


  1. I love lake Como. Zoe and I go there every August for a coup,e weeks. The place we love is Torno. A off the tourist radar and that suits us fine. This year are making up for all the trips we haven’t taken and going for a month.

    1. A month at Lake Como? Sounds divine, Sally! We did not visit Torno but plan to return one day. Will put in on our ever growing list to check out! Thank you for the comment and be safe!!

  2. It was a wonderful vacation for us, highlighted by our time together. That trip to Lugano, Switzerland though – – thank god you were with us, so that we can laugh about it today. No one would believe how ridiculous that was…lol. I still wish you didn’t have to depart so soon. The site of the Lake from up on the mountain was nothing short of miraculous. Miss you so much my friend. Hoping to see you in September/October of this year.

    1. A highlight for us too, my dear friend. The bus ride was funny indeed, traveling to only get off and return, but it was fun and memorable. Will see you later this year – for sure! A comment from you on this particular post, is wonderful. Thank you!

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