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Lucca | Take a Peak | Beautiful Town in Tuscany

Lucca | Take a Peak | Beautiful Town in Tuscany


The small hill town of Lucca is just an amazing place to visit. There are fewer tourists here than some of the other well-known towns in Tuscany. We enjoyed spending a few nights here; inside the wall. Inside is considered the “historical center” and I prefer to stay in any of these towns in the historical part.

Lucca also has a waterway that runs through a section of the old town. It runs north to south on the east end of the historic center.

Cattedrale di Lucca

The facade of the Cathedral is a Roman-Pisan style with the bell tower that is about 60 meters high. The cathedral has the plan of a Latin cross with three naves and a transept. The cathedral is 84 meters long, 27 meters wide and 27,50 meters high. The complex of St. Martin’s Cathedral includes the Cathedral, it’s bell tower, the museum, church, and Baptistery of Saints Giovanni and Reparata.


Lucca cathedral

The Bell Tower

The bell tower has 217 steps to climb to admire the stunning views of Lucca. It was well worth the climb! I am just so happy that the bells were not rung while we were up at the top as I would have lost some hearing; I’m sure.



The Baptistery

The Church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata has beautiful paintings much were out being restored. Although we did walk down under the baptistery to view an archaeological excavation from the 1st century B.C. (remains of a Roman Domus) to the 12th century A.D. The mosaics were beautiful and well preserved.


The Town

The trees were not in bloom as we were there in March 2017 but the views around town were spectacular. We can only imagine how beautiful this town is when it is Spring or Summer! Here is a picture of the well-known tower with the trees on top. You can actually climb the tower but it is beautiful even from the street.




Along the top of the wall (total of 4.2 km – 2.6 miles), people walk, ride bicycles, picnic, and just relax.

If you find yourself in Pisa, Lucca is just a short distance away and worth the stop; even for just a day!


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    September 2, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    Thank you for sharing my home away from home! There’s so much to love about Lucca and I can see myself living there some day-a dream…

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