Visit the Bologna towers and climb to the top.

The 2 Famous Bologna Towers

These two Bologna towers, or as the Italians call them Torri’s, are the symbol of Bologna and a landmark that stood out against the sky for those long ago who came from Ravenna and other towns. This Piazza di Porta was the point of arrival and departure for those in the past.


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Gary and I stayed a few days in Bologna and we knew we wanted to accomplish a few things during our stay here. Besides enjoying the amazing food, we knew we had to find the secret canals Bologna’s Secret Canals and to enjoy the beautiful, Bologna’s Porticoes. This town has so much to see, we vowed to return one day. 

The Towers

The shorter tower is called Torri Garisenda and the taller, Torri Asinelli. The names come from the families that built them. They stand proudly in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana. An interesting fact, is that Tower Garisenda learned so much that it had to be partly demolished at about 39 feet (12 meters) and restarted. The drop or lean is about 3,4 meters. To get a good perspective, we took a photo of our guidebook below:

The Statue of San Petronio, patron Saint of Bologna stands in the square with the towers. These medieval structures are the few that remain in this city. At one time, they say that there could have been up to 180 towers here. During the 13th century, many towers were taken down or demolished, and others simply collapsed.


Visit the Bologna towers and climb to the top.
the busy city


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Climb to the Top

It took us a while to climb the 498 steps to the top of the 295-foot-tall Tower Asinelli. After a few stops to catch our breath – the views from the top were amazing and worth the climb!

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In Conclusion

When visiting Bologna, by all means, don’t miss the towers but there is so much else to enjoy in this beautiful city. Here are a few more things to consider putting on your itinerary. Visit Bologna

Editor’s Note:  This article was originally published in December 2016 and was updated in February 2020 for accuracy and additional information.

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