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Finding | Uncovering the Hidden Secrets in Bologna

Bologna and the canals. ouritalianjourney.com

Finding and Uncovering Hidden and Secret Canals, Bologna

Finding and uncovering the hidden secret canals in Bologna was an adventure. You actually bump into people doing the same exact thing as you are; it’s quite funny actually.

Bologna has 37.29 miles or (60 km) of mostly covered over canals. As early as the twelfth century the city provided itself with a hydraulic system consisting of locks, canals and underground pipes that distributed the water which was used mainly as an energy source for trades.

finding and uncovering the hidden canals in bologna

In the 1930s the navigable canals were covered.

There are a few hidden canals that can still be scen in a certain area of the city. There is even what they call a “Secret Window”.




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