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Italian Holiday Calendar 2024

As we begin 2024, you might need to know the Italian holiday calendar if planning a trip to Italy. We thought we’d give you a bit of a heads-up to help with your trip planning.

Mind you, these aren’t inclusive of all the holidays celebrated throughout Italy during the year. Each region will have various celebrations for events that pertain to them and their area of Italy. These are just the ones I thought might impact your traveling plans, generally speaking.

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January 2024

January 1: New Year’s Day (Capodanno in Italian)

Guinigi Tower on New Years Eve 2021 -

On the first day of the year, Italy welcomes a new beginning during “Capodanno.” New Year’s Day as it’s known in the States, marks a fresh start and the beginning of new hopes and possibilities. Most certainly you will find firework displays lighting up the night sky in almost every town.

While families in Italy celebrate with many traditions – this day will often feature a meal of lentils. Lentils symbolize prosperity and good fortune for the coming year. Most businesses will close. (photo credit: JoAn Ferguson)

January 6: Epiphany

La Befana is an Italian Tradition celebrated on January 6th of each year,

On January 6, Italy celebrates the Epiphany and this is a significant Christian festival that marks when the Three Wise Men visited the infant Jesus. This day is also known as “La Befana.”

Children in Italy look forward to the arrival of La Befana, who is a good witch who fills their stockings with treats. That, of course, is if the child has been good. Consequently, a bit of coal is to be added to their stockings if they’ve been naughty. Most noteworthy, this day is also a national holiday and most everything will be closed on this day.

January 17: Saint Anthony’s Day or in Italy… Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate

On January 17 of the Italian holiday calendar, Italy commemorates the legacy of Saint Anthony the Abbot, also known as “Anthony the Great.” Processions and bonfires can be part of this celebration. Hence, some businesses might close.

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February 2024

February 3:

Two cities celebrate this time of year in an extravagant way and it seemed like I should mention both of these. However, these events do not impact the entire country and businesses won’t be closed.

Venice Carnival: The official kick-off of the world-renowned Carnival of Venice. Fantastic celebrations and festivities will be commencing this day and over ten days in which people dress up and take part in organized parades.

Carnevale di Viareggio: Italy’s renowned festival featuring amazing floats, music, and celebrations. We’ve been to this event two years in a row and it was awesome!

Carnival of Viareggio, Italy
Carnival of Viareggio, page 143

February 14: Ash Wednesday

Italy will observe Ash Wednesday on February 14. It’s a Christian holiday marking the commencement of Lent, a period of repentance leading up to Easter. Businesses probably will close early.

March 2024 Italian Holiday Calendar

March 8:

Festa della Dona, also better known as International Women’s Day, is a global salute to womanhood. A day dedicated to honoring the spirit and contributions of women worldwide. There will be celebrations but no closures on this day.

March 19: Father’s Day (Festa del Papà)

March 19 which also will coincide with Saint Joseph’s Day this year, is set aside to honor fathers across Italy with family. No closures on this day.

March 24: Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is a holy day with reflections and processions held in many Italian regions. It also marks the beginning of Holy Week. Businesses will close.

March 29: Good Friday

Good Friday, or “Venerdì Santo,” as it’s known in Italy is a solemn event. Especially relevant… throughout Italy, many processions and reenactments of the Via Crucis (Signs of the Cross), representing Jesus’ path to crucifixion will observed. Businesses might close early.

ouritalianjourney.comConversano, Italy on Good Friday
Good Friday procession
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March 31: Easter Sunday

Easter in Florence, Italy

Easter Sunday, known as “Pasqua” in Italy and is the cornerstone of Christian celebrations, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. Businesses will close. (our photo from Florence)

More Italian Holiday Calendar Dates

April 2024

April 1: Easter Monday and April Fool’s Day

In 2024, Easter Monday, or “Pasquetta,” in Italy – coincides with the fun spirit of April Fool’s Day. This will be a day filled with reflection and fun. This is a day filled with family and friends and is often celebrated with picnics. Businesses will be closed or close early.

April 25: Liberation Day

On this significant day, Italy commemorates its liberation from fascist occupation and Nazi Germany during World War II. Therefore, this day is celebrated with various events including parades. Also, museums and archaeological sites like the Colosseum, Pompeii, and the Uffizi will usually welcome visitors for free on this day. Maybe some businesses might close.

May 2024:

May 1: Labor Day

This day is called “Festa del Lavoro” in Italy and is a public holiday giving workers a well-deserved break to enjoy and celebrate. Most businesses will close.

May 12: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day or “Festa della Mamma” in Italian honors and celebrates mothers with family gatherings. No closures on this day.

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June 2024

June 2: Republic Day

Festa della Repubblica is a national holiday and commemorates the day in 1946 when Italians voted in favor of a republic over a monarchy. As a result, all over the country celebrations including parades will be enjoyed. Some businesses might close.

August 2024

August 15: Assumption of Mary and Ferragosto

On this day, Italy will observe two holidays. The religious feast of the Assumption of Mary commemorates the Virgin Mary’s ascent into heaven. Also, Ferragosto is a public holiday beginning the height of the summer season and vacation time for Italians. You will find many businesses closed during the month of August.

Final Months of the Italian Holiday Calendar

November 2024

November 1: All Saints’ Day

Across Italy, people will attend church services and visit cemeteries to honor the deceased. Therefore, it’s a day for Italian families to remember departed family members and pay tribute to all the saints. Some businesses might close.

December 2024

December 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception

This significant holiday is a day of holy reverence celebrated with special church services across Italy. Italians will begin to decorate their homes on this day, preparing for the Christmas season. Some businesses might close.

December 25: Christmas Day

A very special day, referred to as “Natale” in Italy is a day celebrated with family. Most everything will be closed.

Vatican Christmas tree and nativity scene,
Christmas at the Vatican, 2018

December 26: St. Stephen’s Day

The day after Christmas is “Santo Stefano’s Day” in Italy. This day is dedicated to the first Christian martyr, Stephen, and is celebrated with family and community. Some businesses might close.

December 31: New Year’s Eve (Vigilia di Capodanno)

In conclusion, as we reach the last day in 2024, “Vigilia di Capodanno” as it’s called in Italy is a celebration marking the beginning and end of the year. Businesses might close early.
Make plans knowing the Italian holiday calendar for 2024 -


  1. Buon Capodanno a te e Gary! Thank you for the great summarization of the national holidays. Can you give any pointers on how to find local/regional holidays or festivals that may either be fun to visit or could cause closures?

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