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iL Mercato | Popular Gigantic Market | Florence, Italy

iL Mercato Centrale Firenze

iL Mercato Centrale Florence

iL Mercato Centrale Firenze

iL Mercato Centrale is located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood in Florence, Italy. The market was the project of Umberto Montano, who had this iron and glass building built in 1874.

While we have passed this building several times on different trips to Florence we never realized that behind all the street vendors was this market that you could enter to shop or have lunch.

iL Mercato Centrale

Street vendors line the streets hiding the Mercado!

The Market

The Mercato Centrale revived a part of Florence that had been left deserted for many years. Items you can find in the market are: bread, confectionery desserts, fresh fish, fried food, fruit and vegetables, meats and salami, buffalo mozzarella, cheeses, chocolate, fresh and dry pasta, wines and liquors.

Until 1979 the fruit and vegetable market was held outdoors in the square in front of the triangular area, called the Market Square. That same year, work was completed on the first floor equipping it with specially designed benches and cold rooms allowing the fruit and vegetable stands to move indoors.

In addition to your shopping, you can also find about 500 places to sit and enjoy lunch. All dishes prepared inside the Mercato are made using only the raw materials on sale inside the Mercato itself. It is open until midnight every day but Sunday. Upstairs is where you can find most of the restaurants. We enjoyed a great lunch one of the days we went.

iL Mercato Centrale Firenze, Florence, Italy



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