Archiginnasio Palace in Bologna -

The Archiginnasio Palace


Teatro Anatomico in the Palazzo dell’ Archiginnasio

Inside the Archiginnasio Palace are the Teatro Anatomico Theater and the Archiginnasio Library. This building is used by the University of Bologna and its students.

First of all, just walking up the stairs into this square hallway are beautiful frescoes and sculptures from the past. It almost makes you stop and think about who might have walked these halls before you.

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Archiginnasio Palace ceiling, Bologna, Italy
the beautiful ceiling

The Archiginnasio Palace

The first permanent seat of the ancient University of Bologna was built in 1563. The reason it was built was to concentrate in a single location all the schools of civil, philosophy, mathematics, physics, medicine, and natural sciences. Founded in 1088, Bologna is famous because it is the town with the most ancient university in the Western world.

The Anatomy Theatre

This theatre was built in 1637 and it is where anatomy was taught mainly through the dissection of corpses. Visit to read more and see some amazing photos.

Only some of the many frescoes remain in the Archiginnasio Palace by the Bolognese painter, Bartholomeo Cesi. The majority of his paintings were destroyed during an Allied air raid that struck the Archiginnasio on January 29, 1944.



The Stabat Master Hall

In conclusion, the Stabat Master Hall is located on the upper floor. There are ten interconnected classrooms that are flanked by two lecture halls. As a result, one is for artists and the other one for lawyers. While the public is not allowed into the gated library, through the gates you can see some students walk by once in a while.

Archiginnasio Palace in Bologna -

The Library

The Archiginnasio Library holds approximately 800,000 books and pamphlets, 12,000 manuscripts, 50,000 letters, and 15,000 drawings and designs. The library is officially called Orario della Biblioteca.

Archiginnasio Palace library, Bologna, Italy
Archiginnasio Palace in Bologna -

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  1. I can only imagine what it must look like to be actually standing there…right in the middle of all that history!! (love, love)

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