Traveling by bus in Tuscany just got easier. I use this website and app myself! -

Headed to Tuscany?

Traveling by bus in Tuscany just got easier! The AT company (Autolinee Toscane) has been experimenting with paying once you board the bus, including the tram system in Florence.

And now you can!

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Tap Payments When Traveling by Bus

You no longer need to stop at the tabaccheria and purchase a paper or digital ticket. You pay for your fare directly on the bus. First thing to do is find the special card reader once you board the bus.

You have various ways to pay. You can “tap” your credit or debit card, or use your smartphone or watch. Once scanned and successful, the reader will turn green, signaling that the purchase has been officially made. If red, it means the ticket is not valid.

Traveling by bus in Tuscany just got easier. I use this website and app myself! -

The Different Lines When Traveling by Bus

When using the urban autobus lines, you must tap when you board. If your journey involves changing buses or trams, you will not be charged additional tickets within the validity period of the ticket purchased with the first tap.

Their website indicates “mixed fares” (urban and fast lines), you must remember to tap also just before getting off the bus. If you don’t, you will be charged the cost of the entire route.

Locations Available

They are hoping the system will be adopted across all regional buses. Their website is a great place to find out how the system works, and if the “tap system” is available where you are located. They have a line color system to help you with various routes when traveling by bus.

We highly recommend for various experiences!

Important to Note About Paying

It is important to note that only one car can be used per ticket. You need to tap it every time you change buses. If you are asked to show your ticket, you will need to provide the card or device you used to purchase the ticket. At this time, each person has to pay themselves with a different card or device.

Hopefully, that can change in the future. I can see it not convenient for parents with children but, I don’t know the complete details as far as at what age children need tickets.

When using paper tickets, be aware in case of a non-functioning stamping machine, you must validate the ticket yourself, writing the date and time of the ride for both urban and suburban routes, and at the same time inform the driver

Passes Are Available

Per the AT website, passes are available to travel by bus. Here’s what you need to know:

  • If you want to buy a pass, you first need to register your profile on the e-shop portal
  • Passes don’t have to be validated
  • You can purchase/renew your subscription from the 20th of each month for the following month
  • Weekly subscriptions are valid for 7 days from Monday to Sunday. From Wednesday of each week, it’s not possible to purchase/renew your pass for the current week, but only the one for the following week
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Travel by Bus: The Autolinee Toscane Website

Take some time to get familiar with and view this website. It’s well done and I have to say one of my favorite things is the travel planner section. I can plan my next trip and find out all the information I need for an easy, stress-free excursion.

I take our local autobus from our street out of the historic center to Carrefour which is similar to Walmart in the States. It’s about 2.2km or a little less than 1.5 miles from our apartment. I’ve taken my bicycle as it’s only about seven minutes through tiny streets. But, most of the time, I’ll take the bus and my “granny trolley” as I’m picking up things I can’t put in my bicycle baskets. I enjoy taking the bus – perhaps you will now too!
Traveling by bus in Tuscany just got easier. I use this website and app myself! -


  1. HI Ilene

    Have been watching your videos. Have a question we plan on visiting this summer.
    Any places best to rent , this is long term in the near future.

    Thank you


      1. Thank you.

        i know you did respond to me prior about how I can get to Lucca for some reason i cannot seem to find that response. Could you please let me know
        the best rout to get get to Lucca from either Florence to Rome?
        Further how far is Puglia from Lucca we plan on making a trip there as well.
        Your thoughts appreciated
        thank you

        1. I think I emailed you directly. It is 1hr 20-min train ride from Florence (SMN) to Lucca. Very easy. From Rome there are two options – you can go along the coastline on a slower (pretty) less expensive train into Pisa and change trains there from Pisa to Lucca. Or you can take a train from Rome into Florence to Lucca. Check Trentalia and Italo train schedules and prices.
          As for Puglia – it is on the Adriatic Coastline. You are better off traveling to Puglia from Rome as it would be about 8hrs+ from Lucca.

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