Announcement Secret Project - the Wait is Now Over! Ilene & Gary Modica,

With lots of encouragement from friends and family, we have embarked on a new endeavor. You know us… the “risk-takers!”

We are excited about the announcement – this project is way out of our comfort zone…

While living in Italy in 2019, we wrote a manuscript as we traveled throughout Italy. Yup… it’s true! We wrote this as we explored each of the towns we stayed and visited. Traveling through this beautiful country we now call our second home. It is funny, during a recent survey, several subscribers requested information we actually share in this engaging memoir. Not even knowing about the book!

It includes the seducing charm of this country and our experiences of the Italian zest for living. Some challenges we faced, the humorous moments we shared together as a couple, and all the people we met along the way. This trip changed our lives forever. It is a lighthearted book that we both enjoyed writing, each in our own style.

Thank you to our grandaughter, Avery for doing the “takes” and Melanie for capturing the video!

Some Details

We have included a little historical information about some cities, sites, and events. We’ve sprinkled a few Italian words here and there but – this is not a language book! In addition, Gary reveals why he originally wanted dual citizenship, and even knowing the reason myself, it was heartwarming to hear him describe this in such detail. (Yes, I cried) We’ve learned a great deal about ourselves writing this past year and wanted to share our passion for this country with others. Let us be your guide to the most beautiful places in Italy.

At the end of the book, we included a reflection from each of us about our 2019 journey and an update as a result of the pandemic for 2020.

We are not quite at the final stages of publishing this book (on final edit) but we hope to get it done shortly. Stay tuned for the release information which will be announced on this blog and our Facebook page, Our Italian Journey.

So you might be asking what is the title of the book?

After much back and forth between Gary and I and suggestions from family, we decided on exactly what it is all about…

Our Italian Journey

Living our dream in Italy for one year

Taking our new Italian citizenship for a test drive

Thank you all for your continued support and we sincerely hope you will consider joining us during our entire year in Italy through our book!

Finally, we hope you enjoyed our announcement – stay tuned for more information!

Our Italian Journey now the book! A memoir of living a year in Italy.
Ilene & Gary Modica,


  1. So exciting Ilene and Gary!! Looking forward to reading your new book when it is released!! You did a great job on your video announcement, but the bloopers really made me ???! Thanks for sharing it with us!

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