Liberia Acqua Alta unique library-bookstore in Venice, Italy.

Liberia Acqua Alta

Library-Bookstore? One of the most unique libraries in the world is located in Venice, The Liberian Acqua Alta is located in Calle Lunga, Santa Maria Formosa; just a few steps from St. Mark’s Square, and worth the visit! You can find it Liberia Acqua Alta

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The special shelving in this unique place is art all by itself. The use of boats, canoes, gondolas, and even bathtubs is not only colorful but useful to keep the books dry when the store floods.

It is the only place you will find a huge selection of new and used books set in a most unusual way. Sixty percent of the books are new. You will find books on subjects such as art, music, history, food, sports as well as bestsellers and even comic books!

Luigi Frizzo is the owner and creator of this amazing place. It is worth a visit even just to experience walking through without purchasing anything. You might find a sleeping kitty curled up in a corner and they are just part of the charm of this place.



The books are not only to purchase but have been turned into other uses. Old frayed hardback encyclopedias (remember those?) which no one buys anymore are piled in the main courtyard in the back to form a staircase, which you follow to see a wonderful view overlooking the canal (see below). Old encyclopedias are also repurposed and transformed into chairs for sitting.

Liberia Acqua Alta unique library-bookstore in Venice, Italy.


It is so worth the adventure of trying to find it – and then shop in the little store. Take on the adventure yourself, you’ll thank us later!

Editors Note:  This post originally appeared on OIJ on October 13, 2016, and has been updated with additional information.
Liberia Acqua Alta unique library-bookstore in Venice, Italy.


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