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Library-Bookstore in Venice

Liberia Acqua Alta

Library-Bookstore? One of the most original libraries in the world is located in Venice, The Liberian Acqua Alta is located in Calle Lunga, Santa Maria Formosa.

You can find it here:

Entrance by street

Entrance by street


It is the only place you will find a huge selection of new and used books set in a most unusual way; boats, gondolas, canoes, and bathtubs! The bookstore often floods, so that is why they keep the books in these unusual containers!



Sixty percent of the books are new. They sell bestsellers, books about Venice, cinema, sports, food, and music and much more.

The books are not only to purchase but have been turned into other uses. Old frayed hardback encyclopedias (which no one buys any more) are piled in the main courtyard to form a staircase, which you follow to see a wonderful view overlooking the canal (see below).



This library a.k.a. bookstore opened about ten years ago and has become a great tourist spot and it not too far from St Mark’s Square. It is worth a stroll to see it in person.



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