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Hotel Angelica | An Amazing Hotel | Florence, Italy

Hotel Angelica, Florence, Italy

Hotel Angelica

We have never posted before about a hotel, until now.

We cannot say enough good things about Hotel Angelica. It is a family run hotel and guests are treated with such amazing hospitality.


We stayed here while trying to find a last minute apartment in Florence city center. Angelica’s son, Fernando was so wonderful by even helping us contact a friend of his. One day while searching on the internet to find a place, Angelica was cooking and the aroma was amazing coming from the kitchen. I mentioned it to her as she passed by. Next thing you know, Gary and I have a plate of meatballs, mozzarella, and bread, along with two glasses of wine. Who does this these days to a guest of a hotel? You will not be disappointed if you stay here. You might not get meatballs and cheese but I can guarantee you will love it!

Not sure how hotels get their star rating but this should be considered a 3-star hotel!

Hotel Angelica

Angelica is as sweet as you can get. One day, she asked us if we would like to accompany her to the market where she gets her fruits and vegetables. Of course, we agreed and she took us to The Mercato which is an amazing place. Gary and I had been passed it several times on previous trips and never knew you could enter the building; much less know what was inside! We now go there every few days for meats, vegetables, cheese and more. For more information on the marketplace, see our post: Mercato

If you find yourself headed for Florence and need a clean, wonderful place to stay in Florence, we highly recommend Hotel Angelica!

Hotel Angelica

Via Fiume, 11

Firenze  50123

Telephone:  +39 055 210229


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