Car sharing opportunities in Parma, Italy,

Car Sharing in Parma

Car sharing in Parma is accessible for those who are in possession of a valid driver’s license. It is a very simple process of filling out paperwork and you sign up for a small subscription fee. It is a way for people who want to travel around by car, without any ownership duty.

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You then wait about 2-3 days for your membership card to be issued with a personal identification code. Using this card, you can quickly have access to any available car located throughout the city. There are fourteen car-sharing points in Parma. We are not sure how many cars as some “points” have more than one car available. The car is booked by calling the Call Center or using the website. Cars are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As in most cities, even in the United States, there is also bicycle sharing. This is great in Parma for tourists who don’t have access to bicycles. We were lucky enough that our Residence Cavour allowed us for the full 90 days of our stay to keep their bicycles at our location. They have about a dozen that they let guests “sign out” as part of the amenities of the hotel. It was very convenient and wonderful to have them always available.

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