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    10 Things To See And Do In Parma

    Parma!   You might be asking yourself, where is Parma located? This map will show you where you can find this hidden gem in Italy   This post contains affiliate links that…

  • Archiginnasio Palace
    General Info, Italy

    Inside Archiginnasio Palace, Bologna

    The Archiginnasio Palace Teatro Anatomico in the Palazzo dell’ Archiginnasio Inside the Archiginnasio Palace is the Teatro Anatomico Theater and the Archiginnasio Library. This building is used by the University of Bologna and its…

  • St. Anastasia

    Church St. Anastansia, Verona

    The Church St. Anastansia The Church of St. Anastansia is a great example of Italian Gothic architecture. It was actually designed by two friars, Fra Benvenuto da Bologna and Fra Nicolò da…