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Street Art | An Amazing Variety in Florence

Street Art

Street Art

Street Art in Florence is an amazing display of talent. Along Via Calzaiuoli, the main street close to the Duomo, there is an area that is sort-of blocked off for these talented people. While they are there almost every day, it is sad to think that what they create during the day consequently disappears at night when the street cleaners come through the streets.

Street Art

Street Art

In addition, Some of the art is found on garage doors. As much as I would approve of this versus the graffiti you usually see, it really just stops you in your tracks to admire.

The Statues

Finally, there is the kind of art you see along the Uffizi Gallery. These are usually where you will find the “statues.” Dressed in everything from a Roman guard, Dante, to this cute cupid who we happened to pass on Valentine’s Day. He was there for about two weeks; winking at the people who passed by. He was quite cute and comical. I consider that street art too! Gary enjoyed giving him a few coins.




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