Marsala, Sicily, its all about wine and the salt flats,
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The Town of Marsala: It’s About Wine & Salt Flats


Marsala is more than wine; it is an amazing place to visit!


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Town of Marsala, Sicily, more than wine and salt flats,, fishing boats


You may know about its sweet dessert wines, but few people realize what a beautiful small town Marsala truly is. In the historic center, Piazza della Repubblica is one of the main squares and is a great place to people watch. Grab a coffee at one of the several bars and take in the sites. The streets are paved in beautiful slabs of marble, and the narrow streets are charming.

Wood Doors

If you follow our journey, you know my obsession with the beautiful wooden doors of Italy. I am always thinking about why the door was chosen by the family. We know the shape is pretty much dictated by the opening but what about the color? Some have door knockers, others don’t because they have a bell? Marsala did not disappoint me either. Here are just a few of the ones we found walking through the streets. If you notice, all of them have a square shape, not the round half-circle sometimes found at the top of the doorway.


Marsala is a dry or sweet wine produced in the region surrounding Marsala and first received Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) status in 1969. The most credible version of the introduction of this wine is attributed to the English trader John Woodhouse who in 1773, landed in Marsala and discovered the local wine produced in the region.


Salt Flats

The Marsala Salt Flats are located just north of the town and are not to be missed. The shallow lagoons and medieval windmills that are slowly crumbling are a great photo spot.

Town of Marsala, Sicily, more than wine and salt flats,

The warm African winds and shallow coastal waters of this area is the perfect spot for salt-making. Salt was (and still is) an important commodity for the preservation of food. This western coast of Sicily, including the town of Nubia, make this possible for thousands of people around the Mediterranean and in Europe.

Town of Marsala, Sicily, more than wine and salt flats,


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Restaurant Recommendation

If in Marsala, don’t forget to check out our amazing restaurant find! Marsala Restaurant

Donnafugata Winery

Gary and I love wines from Donnnafugata and were thrilled to get to go on a tour even though it was the off-season. We had a wonderful time with a few other people and enjoyed a wonderful food tasting with several different types of wine. There is not a vineyard located in Marsala but our tour guide informed us of all the different locations throughout Sicily that the grapes are grown and harvested. It was a wonderful day and we made a few new friends.



The Lungomare Boeo on the southern coast of Marsala is a great place to walk and catch a beautiful sunset. Get there early as the cars start to take all the best parking spots!

Town of Marsala, Sicily, more than wine and salt flats,, sunset

Sunset over the Tyrrhenian Sea

Town of Marsala, Sicily, more than wine and salt flats,, sunset


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