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The Bronze Pig | Florence, Italy

The Bronze Pig Fountain or Il Porcellino, as the Italians call him, means “the little pig.” He is located to the side of the Mercato Nuovo in Florence, Italy. This statue, however, is really of a wild boar, or cinghiale in Italian.

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Mecato Nuovo, Florence, Italy
Mercato Nuovo

He supposedly brings good luck when visitors rub his snout (hence the shiny part) and slides a coin from his mouth. The water washes the coin from the pig’s mouth and if it falls into the grate below, you will have good luck and you will be sure to return to Florence. I was happy when on my first try the coin went right through the grate. Gary had to try a few times but no harm in trying more than once. The coins are used to support a local orphanage.

Mercato Nuovo

The bronze statue we see today is a copy of a Roman marble statue which was a gift from the Pope to the Medici in the 1560s. The statue we see today is a 20th-century copy installed when the 1634 bronze statue was moved into a museum because his nose was wearing thin.


The Legend

There is a legend regarding the bronze boar. It is quite involved with a woman who could not have children and her husband blamed her. She made a wish on a herd of wild pigs that passed by their home and a fairy who happened to hear her granted her wish. The child that was born looked more like a “pig creature” than a little boy. But the husband and wife loved him anyway. Who knows if the legend is true?


Most Noteworthy

Around the world, there are copies of this little pig. You will find there are four in the UK and twelve in the United States, and they are also found in Australia, Denmark, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Monaco, Spain, and Sweden.

In Conclusion

What I do know is that there are always tourists rubbing his nose and putting a coin in his mouth. Everyone takes a picture with the bronze boar; even us.


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