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    Travel Bag European Size Bathrooms

    Travel Bag for European Size Bathrooms Saying the European size bathrooms are small in Italy is an understatement! A tip that worked so well for Gary and I was to use a…

  • Tips, Travel

    4 Suggestions for Cheaper Airfare

    It is a known fact that there is not a “perfect” or “magic” day to purchase airfare, but we have all heard these rumors, right? Marketing strategies change from one airline to…

  • Travel

    To Bring – Not To Bring…

    Bring or Not To Bring – – That is the question! Maybe William Shakespeare got it wrong and my version is the correct way. (Okay, I’m kidding) We are actually making our list as I…

  • Dreaming Parma
    Places to Visit, Travel

    Dreaming – Parma

    Dreams Dreaming about Parma……It is now the beginning of February and the organizer in me wants to start to plan the beginning of our journey. Alright, so we haven’t gotten to Italy…

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