Ravello Restaurant

Ravello Restaurant Recommendation


Trattoria Pizzeria Cumpa Cosimo
Via Roma 44-46 Ravello
Ravello Salerno, IT
+39 089 857156

This Ravello finds and Mamma was amazing!! Our guide Rafael from Montitaxi told us about this place and we said we would love to go there for lunch. She didn’t speak any English but we communicated beautifully. I told her I wanted the five pasta sample dish by holding my palm out and making the sign for little spots so to speak and she acknowledged by the nod of the head. Gary informed her (he speaks a little) on his sausage and broccoli wishes and she understood. Of course, the vino came to the table and she brought a saute artichoke that I have tried to replica since then. What a fantastic lunch.




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