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Street Markets, Parma

Street markets, Parma, Italy

Street Markets

Street markets in Parma occur every Wednesday and Saturday. Sometimes the vendors are the same, sometimes you get new ones. They are hidden in the narrow streets and in the open piazzas. They do, however, always seem to be in the same “designated” spot. No matter what they are selling, the best part of Street Markets; people watching.


At the fruit and vegetable stands, it seems the Nonna’s (grandmothers) want to touch the fruit. That is a big no-no! You point, tell the vendor if you want it to eat right away (using the word “sweet”) or not. They will put it in a bag for you. I guess they don’t want bunches of people squeezing their peaches.

Then you have shoes – – lots of shoes for men, women and children; sandels and boots. Then there is the kitchen gadget lady, the cheese truck/waggon, the meat guy, the fish guy and pocketbooks (handbags) everywhere!!! They sell socks, sheets, tablecloths, towels, flowers, antiques and bras and undies hanging from the umbrellas blowing in the wind. Then of course you have the clothes. LOTS of clothes. The time people spend going through piles of clothes all for 1€ – 20€, it amazes me. I must admit, I was looking for a demin shirt and I did spend about 20-minutes and then I was done. Fineto!

It’s a fun morning for all as they last until about 1:00-2:00 pm. In a matter of moments things are packed up, umbrellas folded, and taken down all to be reassembled the next time.

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    Gina Kovachev
    February 15, 2018 at 6:09 am

    LOVE your articles! Their markets are amazing! Check Ferrara!, very Medieval!

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