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The Amazing Exhibition 100 Presepi at Vatican

100 Presepi at the Vatican Presepi is Italian for “Cribs” or as many of us know it as “Nativity Scene”. This was the 43rd year this exhibition had taken place in Rome and we were so fortunate to see it. This year’s exhibition was called “100 Cribs at the Vatican” and was held during Christmas time between December 7, 2018, and January 13, 2019.   This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through our links, […]

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Vermicelli Sinatra: An Amazing Seafood Pasta Dish

Vermicelli Sinatra Vermicelli Sinatra is a favorite for Gary and me to make for New Year’s Eve. It was especially loved by my wonderful mother-in-law, Elaine. One of those traditions that Gary and I enjoy today. I will always enjoy and treasure the time Elaine and I spent in the kitchen. She got this recipe from a well-known restaurant in New York; I just don’t recall the name. Print Recipe Vermicelli Sinatra This recipe is easy […]

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Quick Review of 2018 | Launching 2019

Our Italian Journey’s Quick Review of 2018 This quick review of 2018 is filled with a great deal of emotion. As most of you know, we decided back in 2012 to try and obtain dual citizenship with Italy. We started to gather the documents needed to prove Gary’s heritage. Recognition of Italian citizenship “jure sanguinis” or (by a law of the bloodline) is by descent and Gary’s grandfather on his father’s side never became a US citizen. The official process with […]

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Christmas Lights in Florence- Beautiful & Spectacular

Christmas Lights in Florence, Italy   The Christmas lights in Florence this year are bellissimo! We are in Rome and some streets are decorated with pretty Christmas lights but not quite as many as we thought. Gary and I were noticing that the lights in Florence were spectacular and we decided to hop on the train and spend a few nights.   This post contains affiliate links that help keep this website running. By purchasing through our links, […]

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It’s Christmas in Rome 2018 | Join Us!

It’s Christmas in Rome! Celebrating Christmas in Italy has always been a dream of mine. To be able to celebrate and experience this holiday in either Rome or Florence was on my bucket list. And here we are starting our year journey in Rome and during Christmastime.   This post contains affiliate links. Our Italian Journey will receive a small commission from purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your […]

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Cannoli Cheesecake

Cannoli Cheesecake I have always made my “New York Cheesecake” to my families delight, but recently I made this Cannoli Cheesecake and the family went WILD! This will soon be a new favorite in your house too! ** NOTE:  You must have a springform pan to make this dessert   This post contains affiliate links. Our Italian Journey will receive a small commission from purchases made through links at no extra cost to you. Thank you […]

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