Best pizza in the world can be found in Naples, Italy. Our recommendations for pizza from,
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We Experienced the Best Pizza in the World | Naples

Best Pizza in Naples, Italy In June, Gary and I were able to experience two of the oldest and best pizza places in Naples! I had heard about pizza in Naples but could all the hype be true? When I think of pizza, I always think of Dean Martin. I love this song and this video clip!  ♬♪“When the moon hits your eye like a bigga pizza pie, that’s Amore”♬♫  (Credit: NM Catalogue) This post […]

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Blue Grotto, Capri Italy,
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Experiencing The Blue Grotto | Is It Worth It?

The Blue Grotto The best way for me to describe the Blue Grotto process is to envision a Chinese Fire Drill in water. In case you aren’t familiar with this term, it can be better described as classic car prank that’s been popular since the 1960s. It is a form of musical chairs done with a car. This post contains affiliate links When you make a purchase using one of these affiliate links, we get […]

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Island of Capri, infomation about getting there and things to do. Hotel and restaurant recommendations,
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Spotlight: Island of Capri | Amazing & Stunning

The Island of Capri   While staying in the Campania region of Italy, we took a few days to visit the Island of Capri. We had been to this area previously in 2012 but Capri wasn’t included in our itinerary. Big mistake! We decided to really enjoy the island and all it has to offer by staying 3 days/ 2 nights. We could see most everything by then, no?   This post contains affiliate links. […]

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The Cathedral in Parma, Italy
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Cathedral, Parma

The Cathedral (Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta) – Duomo   Gary and I visited the Cathedral several times while staying in Parma, Italy for 90-days. Each visit, we would point out to each other something new, something we missed previously. It is one of those Duomo’s that touches your heart and speaks to you.   This post contains affiliate links. When you make a purchase using one of these affiliate links, we get paid a […]

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