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  • our italian journey
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    Our Second 90-Day Adventure Update

    Second 90-Day Adventure We have changed our plans and are not staying in Bari on the Adriatic Sea for our first 45-days of this second 90-day adventure trip. When you are traveling,…

  • travel tips
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    Keep Documents Handy

    Keep Documents Handy! Keep your documents handy is good advice! It is a good idea to keep a copy of your drivers licence and passports at your hotel just in case your…

  • Words of Advice
    Italy 411, Tips

    Words of Advice – Our August Nightmare

    Learn From Our Mistake; Words of Advice   I have posted previously on June 2014, under TRAVEL┬áTIPS┬áto be aware that thing close in August. Not everything – but somethings, especially small stores.…

  • Places to Visit

    Castle di Torrechiara, Parma

    Torrechiara Castle In the Providence of Emilia-Romagna The Torrechiara Castle stands on the hills of Torrechiara, near Langhirano which is about 18 km from Parma. This is the most spectacular and well-preserved…

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