San Gimiganano
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37 Charming Small Towns in Tuscany

Tuscany I would like to share this article on Tuscany from Italia Living that was written by Kinzica Sorrenti on March 18, 2015. Great information to save and check off as each destination is explored. Tuscany offers many different experiences, on one hand, there are the art cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca, on the other, there’s the countryside with its towns, villages, hills, castles, and vineyards. One of the best things about Tuscany is getting lost in […]

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save money using technology when traveling.
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Save $ Using Technology When Traveling Overseas

Save Money Using Technology When Overseas Technology is a wonderful thing but, we are not all “tech-savvy.” We all like to save a little money though, don’t we? When we arrived in Italy, we decided we wanted to keep our US phone numbers so we found a US service (before we left Arizona) that let us do so with a minimal monthly fee. For us, at this time it was T-Mobile who let us put […]

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Need Suggestions

Need Suggestions for Southern Italy We have heard from our lawyer that we have a good chance to obtain our Italian passports in June. Once we go to California and acquire them, we ready to give our 2-weeks’ notice to both our employers and… we are off!  Off to live in Italy for one year. Remember these words? Ya, it is now May 2018 and we are still in Arizona and waiting for the Consulate to […]

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Cortona, Italy

Cortona, Italy | Need To Be Part Billygoat

Cortona, Italy   Twice Gary and I have been very fortunate to visit Cortona, Italy. In 2012 we stayed for several nights and again in 2017 visited for the day. We laugh because we say that you have to be part billy goat to live in Cortona! The main street, Via Nazionale and still usually referred to by locals by its older name of Ruga Piana. It is the only flat street in Cortona. Although you […]

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dual citizenship with
Dual Citizenship

Get Started With Your Dual Citizenship & Get Your Checklist

Dual Citizenship Are you interested in obtaining dual citizenship with another country? We are currently in this process with Italy. We knew we wanted to start this journey when we first visited Italy back in 2010. Yes indeed, we returned from this vacation and we both knew this is where we would one day want to retire or at least spend a few years. You need to understand that this is not an easy process. […]

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Focaccia Italian Sub

Focaccia This is a fantastic focaccia Italian sub sandwich recipe to take on the go or for a party. It is so pretty presented in a large round shape and then cut into wedges. You can make the bread a day ahead to make it easier, and just wrap in plastic until ready to assemble. Great served with a side salad!   This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link, we receive […]

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