San Miniato al Monte, Firenze, UNESCO World Heritage Site, , Florence,
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San Miniato Church | Highest Point in Florence, Italy

San Miniato Church San Miniato Church is decorated with green and white marble in geometric patterns similar to the facades of Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce. A 12th century mosaic decorates the facade over a central window. The full name, San Miniato al Monte, stands atop one of the highest points in the city. It is described as one of the most scenic churches in Italy and one of the finest Romanesque structures in […]

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The Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Museum
Places to Visit

Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Museum   The Leonardo da Vinci Museum is located in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome, Italy. It is very easy to find and most noteworthy, is a wonderful museum for children.   Interactive Models The da Vinci Museum is a showcase of interactive models of futuristic machines and inventions designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Once inside, you will be surprised to find there are more than fifty reconstructions, built entirely […]

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Wood doors, Lucca, my obsession
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My Love and Obsession | Wood Doors | Lucca

Wood Doors – Lucca Here we are again, if you visit my blog regularly, you know that I love wood doors. There is something about them; perhaps it is what is behind them that interests me? Could it be a loggia or are the stairs right in front of you? The other thing about the wood doors is that they are personal. Someone, one day made a decision on the type of door they are […]

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Street Food - Lampredotto

Street Food | Lampredotto | Speciality in Florence

Street Food – Lampredotto Lampredotto is a Florentine street food you will find being served in many of the food carts around Florence, Italy. Generally, you will not find traditional food carts in Italy. Now…. you might ask… “What is Lampredotto?” First of all, let me begin to tell you that Lampredotto is the fourth stomach (the abomasum) and final stomach in a cow. It is boiled in a broth of herbs and spices along […]

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Chianti Beef with Pasta

Chianti Beef with Pasta | Inspired from Lucca

Chianti Beef with Pasta When we were in Lucca, Italy, we visited this amazing restaurant, Osteria Cantine Bernardini that has been around since 1586! Gary had a pasta with wild boar (cinghiale). It was truly out of this world. Since back in the United States, wild boar is a bit difficult to find so we changed it up and came up with this version. Of course, the meat and Chianti are the stars of this dish. […]

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The Vatican from Above
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The Vatican | From A Different Perspective

The Vatican – From A Different Perspective – ABOVE! Every year visitors flock to the Vatican and miss seeing an amazing sight. Many are not aware that it is possible to climb up to the top of St Peter’s dome; the cupola. It is an amazing experience and should be done at least once on a trip to the Vatican. You will have a panorama view all around Rome. As many know, Michelangelo-designed the cupola, […]

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