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I love books by Rick Steves. He has such an insight into traveling abroad. All his books are wonderful but of course, we love the Italy one the best.

TRUE STORY:  When in Italy (February 2017), I became sick and needed to see a doctor. I immediately went to Rick’s book and there was an English speaking doctor in Florence just a few blocks away! I am not sure what I would have done if I did not have this information. My mind was at ease knowing what the price was going to be and how much Rick recommended him.

To purchase his 2017 book, please visit:




Another great travel book for details that I love is found here 

This book is another great resource when traveling through Italy. I have used this book (purchased a digital copy) and it was great to have available on my phone and kindle when traveling to use as a reference. I didn’t need to take the time to write down things we wanted to see as I have it right on my smart phone!

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