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I love books by Rick Steves. He has such an insight into traveling abroad. All his books are wonderful but of course, we love the Italy one the best.  Check out the book here:

I actually needed a doctor during a recent trip to Florence, Italy. I knew Rick had some suggestions for an English speaking doctor and the price I was to expect to pay. We went to the doctors office and sure enough, he said that Rick calls every year to see if the price changed. We got a discount (that Rick said was available in his book) because we told him we saw his name in the book. He was excellent and I was very relieved to go to someone that was recommended!!




We have yet to take a Mediterranean cruise but a friend of ours used this book and said it saved them money and was a lifesaver! We are planning one for the future so this is a must have for us.  Check it out here:






Find this must have item:

This portable travel makeup cosmetic bag has the amazing hook that I have posted about before. It is necessary for traveling especially in Europe where the bathrooms are small and rarely have counter space that we are used to. This one is waterproof and I would not travel without it.






This adaptor is amazing as it has two USB ports! Why not carry one item that does multi purposes? It is a must for us. We carry two of them!!!  See more here:





This is the best and smallest travel item we carry. Most of the time when traveling, we wash our socks (and sometimes undies – sorry TMI) in the bathroom sink and this little clothesline hold everything as you put the items between the twists. LOVE IT!  You can find it here:


These bags are a lifesaver! I actually use them for things other than shoes too! They are waterproof and we use them in our luggage for all our travel. Check them out here:







Another great travel book for details that I love is found here 

This book is another great resource when traveling through Italy. I have used this book (purchased a digital copy) and it was great to have available on my phone and kindle when traveling to use as a reference. I didn’t need to take the time to write down things we wanted to see as I have it right on my smart phone!






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