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Windowpane Test for Successful Dough

Windowpane test for making successful dough, ouritalianjourney.com

Full Proof Windowpane Test for Successful Dough

Using the windowpane test will result in successful dough each and every time you make it. Making dough is very easy but there is one thing that can ruin your bread or pizza dough and that is not making sure the gluten is fully developed.


windowpane test for finished dough

finished dough


Not kneading the proper amount of time will be the difference between your dough rising and being light and airy to be a brick you will use to prop open your front door!  Once you have done this test, you will make it a ritual when making the dough.


Follow these simple steps:

The following windowpane test is the best way to tell if you’ve sufficiently kneaded your dough.


Step 1:   First, pull off a small bit of dough, about the size of a golf ball.

Step 2:  Flatten it out between your thumbs and first two fingers (see below); then begin gently stretching it.


Windowpane dough


Step 3:  If you can stretch the dough without it tearing or breaking, it means the gluten is well-developed and your dough is ready to use. (see windowpane picture below)


Windowpane test


If the dough tears before you’ve stretched it, the gluten isn’t quite ready and you will need to continue to knead the dough for another few minutes and try the test again. Keep kneading until the test is successful.


It really just takes a bit to get used to but once you know this important factor in making the dough, you will be successful every time.





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