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What Happens on Halloween in Italy

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What Happens on Halloween in Italy??

Ever wonder what happens on Halloween in Italy?

There is a contradiction when it comes to Italy celebrating Halloween. Some say that this holiday is not celebrated in Italy due to the fact that Italy is a devoutly Catholic country and Halloween is a pagan festival. Some say Halloween is celebrated in February and It is called “Carnivale.” Carnivale is those two weeks right before Lent when Italians get crazy dressing up and playing tricks on their friends.

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When we were staying in Parma for our first 90-day adventure, we were headed to the grocery store the day before Halloween and found this small festival going on with food trucks and music. I think it was being held today (Sunday) as Halloween this year falls on a Monday. There were lots of families out celebrating on this beautiful afternoon. I didn’t see any children in costumes but I could have missed them.

I have read that the younger crowd has parties and little kids trick or treat, but not in the same sense of going house to house as in America because most everyone lives in apartments.

Some stores, not many, have Halloween cookies and decorations in the window displays. There are no “party stores” with rows of decorations anywhere to be found. I think Halloween is mostly an American thing due to American media influence.


Halloween is definitely not celebrated in Italy

on the same scale as America; that’s is for sure!!


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    October 18, 2018 at 3:03 pm

    Next Saturday October 27th 2018, I will be carving pumpkins with the children in our town of Montebello Vicentino, province of Vicenza, population 6,544, for the 9th year in a row. On the 31st in Montecchio Maggiore and then again in Vicenza, these are open to everyone, no age limit. My husband has been decorating for Halloween for easily 15 years, and last year 350 children came by our house to view the decorations, get scared by the fog machine and to get their bag of popcorn. I make up little bags of popcorn, last year I made 315, and it wasn’t enough, Children kept ringing the doorbell and asking if they could come in. I would tell them that I didn’t have anything to give them, but they wanted to come up anyway, avanti.
    The first year I had candy and popcorn for the kids, but I noticed that the children were taking out their candy to make room for the popcorn, so popcorn it is. In recent years more and more homes in town are giving popcorn and healthy treats. Our Pro Loco has been hosting Zombie Zumba parties for the younger kids,for awhile now and in the past two years has opened up a kind of haunted house in the Pro Loco’s headquarters for the bigger kids. Trick or treaters start coming by as soon as the sun goes down and continue up to 11 pm. There is no age limit to the children coming, I believe last year the youngest was two years old. It’s wonderful to see how much they grow from one year to the next. Our local department store, Bissolo has been selling Halloween decorations and costumes since August, and the supermarkets follow suit.
    Our younger priest objected to my carving pumpkins with the children, saying it is a pagan holiday, until I reminded him that I grew up in CALIfornia and I knew that the Catholic Church appropriated all the pagan holidays for itself and renamed them. I explained that the more you tell children that something is bad, the more they want to do it. All they want is to be like other children, they want candy and costumes. I asked him to show me where Carnivale was mentioned in the bible, and again reminded him that the children wanted candy, costumes and confetti, and then they would show up for mass the following Sunday. Our older priest says that we live in a time when both parents work, and so any activity that involves the whole family doing something together is good. More and more families are decorating for Halloween, eventhough it is not an Italian holiday.
    I buy a lot of decorations and stuff on Amazon.it, and I also have some sent to my home in CALIfornia and then I bring them back with me when I go out there. Sandro loves decorating, he loves the lights, and the scary, but not too scary, decorations. He is my pumpkin carver. He, with the help of Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving kits, carves the most amazing pumpkins. I wish I could post some of them, they are truly amazing. What I have started to do, is buy styrofoam pumpkins in the states and he carves those, then he doesn’t have to do them again, we just pack them away carefully for next year. He does do several real ones for me to bring for show. Understand that for each child, there is often one or two parents, and sometimes grandparents, so we easily have 700-800 people up and down our stairwell that night. I would suggest decorating for Halloween, it doesn’t take much, the pumpkin carving kits and tools can be purchased on Amazon and Ebay, and the children will love it. We have never had anyone pull any pranks, everyone is just happy to be able to come by the house. Happy Halloween.

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