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Church St. Anastansia, Verona

St. Anastansia, Verona ouritalianjourney.com

The Church St. Anastansia

The Church of St. Anastansia is a great example of Italian Gothic architecture. It was actually designed by two friars, Fra Benvenuto da Bologna, and Fra Nicolò da Imola. Work began on this church from 1290 AD and completed in the early 16th century. St. Anastasia is the largest church in Verona.



Not only is this church a place of worship; it is virtually an art-gallery which contains many of the works of art Masters often mentioned in art history books. The most important is Pisanello’s well-known fresco (St George and the Princess) above Pellegrini Chapel.

There are 21 places of interest inside the interior. They have a brochure that breaks down every area and a synopsis about it. Most of the large churches in Italy will have their brochures printed in several languages. When they don’t, it is truly a shame because you really don’t know what you are looking at and then have to come back “home” and research it. Defeats the purpose to me.



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