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Santa Maria del Quartiere, Parma

Santa Maria del Quartiere church, Parma, Italy

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Santa Maria del Quartiere

Santa Maria del Quartiere is a Baroque-style church in the quarter of the Oltretorrente of the city of Parma, Italy.


The church was built from 1604-1619, on the site of a prior chapel dedicated to Mary.

This frescoed church stands in the center of an area known as Quartiere since the times it used to house the military. Its hexagonal plan with rectangular chapels was designed in the 17th century by G.B. Aleotti and later modified by G.B. Margnani.

The ceiling tells a story and it just amazing to look at. The colors are still vivid and this church, like many in Italy, has removed burning candles in lieu of electronic ones (which light when you make an offering) to preserve the art and frescoes from deterioration.


Cupola frescoes






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