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San Giovanni Evalgelist, Parma

San Giovanni in Parma, Italy is a beautiful church. https://ouritalianjourney.com/san-giovanni-evalgelist-parma

Church of San Giovanni the Evalgelist


San Giovanni the Evalgelist in Parma was built for the Benedictine order between 1498 and 1510 but its elaborate white marbel Baroque facade contrasts with the Renaissance architecture. The interior is in the shape of a Latin cross, has three nave columns and six chapels.



Front alter


Closeup of front alter


The amazing ceiling

The amazing ceiling



Looking from the back to the front at one of the sides. Each side has separate navies.


A fresco with the Jewish and Pagtan Sacrifice running along the central nave was painted by Correggio. In 1477 the whole complex was damaged by a fire. The abbey basilica was rebuilt from around 1490, with the present design by Bernardino Zaccagni. The construction ended around 1519.

The marble facade of the church was designed by Simone Moschino in Baroque style in 1604 and completed in 1607. The bell tower on the right side, perhaps designed by Giovanni Battista Magnani, was completed in 1613. With a height of 75 meters, it is the tallest in Parma.



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