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Puppet Museum, Parma

Puppet Museum, iL Castello dei Burattini

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iL Castello dei Burattini, Puppet Collection


Museo Giordano Ferrari

This puppet museum is amazing. Castello dei Burattini bases all its activities on Giordano Ferrari’s desire to transmit the memory of a puppeteers’ life and work. This museum opened in 2002.


The museum contains a considerable part of the material that the puppeteer, Parmesan has collected in over sixty years of activity. The collection is made up not only on the material that the Ferrari family has produced and carved but from pieces purchased or received as gifts from other artists.

Here are just some of the highlights of the photos that I was able to capture. It is amazing how far puppets have come when you look at these old ones with the ones they use today.

Handmade beautiful puppets, marionettes and wooden heads

There are approximately 500 pieces on display in the museum. The collection includes scripts, books about theater and paper archives. The entire collection includes about 1,500 pieces including puppets, marionettes, heads and props, 400 sets, posters, scripts and 400 volumes on the puppet theater.

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