proposed sitting ban and fine for venice tourists.
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ALERT! Proposed Sitting Ban & Fine for Venice tourists!

Proposed Ban for Venice Tourists

A friend brought this 12News article to my attention and we thought it was worth doing a post about. The article says that tourists in Venice will possibly be fined for sitting down in public places. This is crazy news! The Venice city council says that this is still under discussion and will vote on the proposal next month.

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Venice and Tourists

Courtesy of 12News: I saw this amazing video and wanted to share with you about Venice:

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Other Cities in Italy

This news got me to thinking about other top Italian cities that might be faced with this same thing one day. As many times as we have gone to Rome, there are always crowds and people sitting on the Spanish Steps. Yup, I’m one of them in the white shirt with the scarf:

The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy is a great place to relax. It is one of our 17 amazing sites to check out when in Rome.

Spanish Steps, Rome


And then there are the people that watch the sunset every night in Florence at Piazza Michaelangelo:

Piazza Michelangelo, Florence, Italy, views, panoramic

Piazza Michaelangelo, Florence


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proposed fine for sitting in Venice.

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