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Our Part is Completed – August 2015

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Gary took a ride up to Prescott yesterday, to give Roberta (our immigration lawyer) all the original paperwork that we obtained. Our part of the puzzle is completed and now it is a matter of Roberta getting two documents from NY confirming that Gary’s grandfather never became a US Citizen. We are all confident that this will be received shortly as we have researched the subject enough to know that it is true.

Our appointment with the LA Consulate is currently scheduled for Nov. 2nd in which we bring all the original documents to them. We are hoping to get an earlier appointment (cancellation spot) rather than waiting for November. We will know during that meeting if our Italian Citizenship will be approved. If it is, it will be a matter of 4-6 months before receiving our Italian Visa’s. During that time, we will be putting the house on the market, sell the car, and most of our possessions!

This has been a journey that started back with our first visit to Italy in 2010; with our decision that Italy is where we want to live – as citizens.

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