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I Love the Beautiful Wood Doors Found in Italy

Doors in Modena, Italy, ouritailianjourney.com

The Wood Doors of Modena

I love the beautiful wood doors found in Italy. In every city, my obsession with wood takes over and it becomes a collection.  I think when we have a permanent residence (sometime in the future), I will print the best and make it a college on a wall; dedicated just to doors of Italy.

On August 26th, we took the train into Modena for the day from Parma. As always, we go to the information center right away and get a map of the city. We then proceed to find ourselves a cafe, sit and have a coffee and map out our destinations for the day.

It is amazing how Italy’s doors are pretty much the same. They are pieces of art all in and of themselves. We found the ones in Modena, Italy to be a bit larger and looked newer than the ones in Parma. We need to research this a little more to find out if our thoughts are indeed, correct. Without further ado, here are the doors of Modena, Italy:

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