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My Obsession – All Made From Wood

wooden doors of Italy, ouritalianjourney.com

The Doors of Parma, My Obsession

There is something about the wood doors in Italy. This obsession for taking pictures of doors started back in 2010 with our first visit to Italy. I couldn’t get enough. We’d be walking down the street thinking I’d seen every door shape, color, and carving possible and then of course I’d find another one.

They are amazing works of art. Some have metalwork that is amazing in and of itself. Most are not painted, some are pretty worn, some are in relatively good shape. You have to wonder “what’s behind the door?” Is it a little courtyard, a staircase to apartments, or a garage? I’ve found myself peaking when someone happens to come out of a doorway as we are passing by. Shame on me!!


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